Undersecretary in ministry of health has formed medical experts to manage covid-19

Juba- the undersecretary in the ministry of health Dr. Mayen has formed a medical experts team that will lead the figh against the Nobel coronavirus in the country

According to the senior official in the ministry, “Finally, the Infectious Diseases Unit (IDU) at the Dr. John Garang Infectious Diseases Centre is being led by a team of “Real McCoys”; A team of South Sudanese Medical experts has been put together by Prof Mayen Machut Achiek to be responsible for management of COVID 19 cases at the IDU. The team comprises of:

  1. Eight Physicians, including chest physicians
  2. Four Pathologists
  3. Two Psychiatrists
  4. Two Clinical Psychologists
  5. Fourteen Medical officers
  6. Nineteen Nurses
    In addition to the above mentioned team, there is a discharge team led by Dr. Ajak Makor, a General Surgeon who himself is a survivor of COVID 19.
    The team will be receiving incentives from the Government of the Republic of South Sudan. This should have been done from the beginning of the COVID 19 outbreak in South Sudan, but better late than never.
    The team will be taking the lead on issues pertaining to the management of COVID 19 cases in the whole country in collaboration with partners that support the health sector.
  7. South Sudan will be built solely by its sons and daughters; others can only support.

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