Two former govt officials shot dead by the police officer last night in Juba, four more injured

Breaking news;

Thursday September 24, 2020

Two senior government officials from greater upper Nile region were slain last night by unknown armed man in Juba.

According to the sources , the incident happened near the Juba landmark Hotel while the men were taking tea at a certain bar when an armed officer believed to be from the National Police Service (NPSS) came and started shooting them on spot.

According to the source contacted by SS24NEWS says that, the police is one of the guards from Quality Hotel who just appeared and opened fire in the bar indiscriminately killing 2 people and wounded others.

Four people have been injured and currently in the hospital.

The deceased are identified as Dok Tuach Bithuow, the former commissioner of Longechuk County and Yiey Ruathdel, also the former minister of education, science and technology from defunct Akoba State.

The suspect has been apprehended by the national security apparatus and is currently under investigation to find the circumstances in which the police officer killed the two


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