They may be calling us deadwood but do you know what it means?

By Miyong Kuon

Tuesday December 8, 2020 (SS24News)

First of all, what is the term deadwood, and where did the term originate from?
For one thing, let not take the meaning of the word Deadwood out of context. In deed, it literally doesn’t mean death as it sounds.
Deadwood Is a phrase that has nothing to do with being dead. Deadwood was a town in one of the American midwest states of South Dakota.

The term emanated from a set in a mining town that was not part of any U.S. state or territory in the post-Civil War years, and it was lawless.

Deadwood attracts people looking to capitalize on the lack of organized law in the town, built on land stolen from the Sioux, one of the Native American tribes. Today, deadwoood population is 1,306. It is located in Lawrence County , South Dakota, only a few hundred miles north of Nebraska, where I live.

Historically, we must know that deadwood was a lawless town that attracts people who were looking to get rich quick. Many were looking to capitalize on the lack of organized law as they continued to build on the land stolen from Natives.
Does this ring a bell?

Let simply make a quick comparison. Which town or cities in South Sudan today would qualify for the name deadwood, and who lives in this town?

Think and pause, but don’t think further. You can’t find any other city better than Juba when we compare. The highly determined SPLM-IO is here to change and stop the lawlessness in the entire country, including Juba.

The ironic about the whole story is, the man who first coined the controversial word deadwood lives in deadwood city today. Dr. Nyaba is in Juba today, and so do the leaders of the deadwood?

Yet the man has a gut and audacity to insult quintessential SPLM-IO who are determined to bringing change to Juba, the deadwood city. What a preposterous idea to call other weird names.

Yes, the SPLM-IO may be in Juba after the accord signed but only there to implement the agreement that is designed to change the lawlessness. I urge every respected SPLM-IO SUPPORTERS to know the true deadwood and never let anyone call you deadwood.

In conclusion, the SPLM-IO works day and night tirelessly to stop the lawlessness and install a real people’s city with law-abiding citizens.


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