There is need to Temporarily Dislove the SPLM and Ban all Political Parties and their Activities

Opinion by Bol Marol Abouk (SS24NEWS)

Thursday July 9,, 2020

Generally, political parties are formed to be the channel of the democracy and strength of the country. They are not intended to weaken the system and plunge the country into war and destruction. The opposite is true in the case of South Sudan, our political parties are the sources of our suffering and instability. They are the sources of our wars and insecurity across the country. South Sudan is being harmed by these fake unconsitutional political parties. When such uncertainty rises the elites and exports sit and discuss the best option to save the country.

Certainly, the SPLM isn’t working properly and has lost the characteristics of the role model political party. The members of the SPLM have betrayed their leader and their party all together and they went further to rebel against the country itself. In this regard, the SPLM isn’t fit to be legalized as a national political party at the moment because it doesn’t have the needed ingredients of a useful political party. The members are not working as a team in the party and they have became serious enemies to one another. That division and lock of loyalty to the party and the leader brought about failure and weakness within the party.

It should be used to strengthen South Sudan politically but instead it has been used to bring about self destruction of the whole nation. Therefore the SPLM is not a healthy party to be maintained and must be temporary dissolved and let go but not to disappear completely. We will be better without it for time being since it is now being used to wage war instead of building the nation.

Consequently, if the SPLM isn’t good for us the other political parties aren’t benefiting us politically but are hurt the nation. Most of these party either were formed by former SPLM members or were formed by those unpopular leaders who are looking for political attentions which they gain mostly from their tribal alliances.

Hence, these parties were formed on a foundations that are mostly tribal and then take shame of tribal structures before they attract diverse followers. That make it difficult to reshape any of such parties to look more diverse and more democratic.

In this regards, all the political parties we have currently in South Sudan do not have democracy within themselves and cannot deliver democratic fruits to the public. They are all serving as obstacles to progress of South Sudan. The parties don’t have clue and tools to distinguish between national and individuals interests.

Thus, they are hurting the country and the people of South Sudan at large so they have got to go and ban from being politically active until we have a well designed criteria to make sure we are given liecens and permits to those parties that represent our diversity and have themes of democracy within themselves.

The idea of banning all political parties in South Sudan is a wise decision to make at the time when we are surrounded by crisis and uncertainties. These parties we have are not serving our democracy, they are hurting our country and the people. They have to be banned and postponed from any political activities so the Government can only focus on building its nation not fighting senseless wars with and debating with the undemocratic political parties which are so harmful to our people.

That shouldn’t surprise you because it is a political decision that is made when parties become the problems instead of being part of the solution. Imagine yourself listening to multiple radio musics at the same time because you want to calm yourself down psychologically. That won’t be possible and you may end up becoming more agitated than you and I can imagine. We need them banned until we have a system that can check and evaluate them to be sure each of them fits to be a democratic political party.

In order for an organization to be a useful political organization, there must be rules of democracy imbedded in its structure and has to reflect our diversity. Any party that doesn’t reflect our diverse society, shouldn’t qualify to be operating as a political party in our country. That is because one of this party can win an election and its basics objectives will be used to rule us.

If a party like the IO, which completely founded on tribal appellations, win national or local elections, it is not going to govern the country using the democratic principles because it is not a democratic political organization. Therefore, we need to make sure these parties are not tribal but politically diverse enough and have democracy within themselves.

Finally, the SPLM is needed be temporary dissolved because its members have dismantled it and they are using it name to promote themselves and wage wars against the people. The SPLM members have rebelled against the government that is being led by one of their leader. That is unthinkable and insane to imagine.

In this case, the SPLM members are only using the party to fight for themselves and the country is being hurt on the process. So, it is better for President Kiir to temporary dissolve the party to avoid it being used against the national interests of the country.

Definitely, why do we need the other parties banned to make sure they are not hurting the country politically since they don’t fit to be called political parties of South Sudan. They are working against the national interests of the people and the country at large. One of the reason the South Sudan government isn’t doing well is that the political parties including the various SPLM cells that branched out are being using against the country. Therefore, it is better to ban them all and give a chance for the government to run the country without being fought for no good reasons.

Dissolve the SPLM for short period of time and ban all the political parties so the government can only focus on fixing and building South Sudan, the country we all dearly loved.


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