The women’s role in the search and achievement of democracy in South Sudan

By: Betty Yom Mageer, Nairobi, Kenya

Nov 25, 2020 (SS24News)

The achievement of democracy is a collective effort, sacrifice and responsibility of all citizens in a country. There’s no nation on earth where democracy can be achieved by one gender while the other is doing nothing in the accomplishment of democracy in a nation.

Democracy is the preliminary of a prosperous and peaceful country on earth. Democracy is the only thing that guarantee equal rights and liberties to both men and women on earth. It’s the huge empowerment to all humans in the world. It is the voice of the voiceless humans on earth.

Moreover, in many civilized and industrialized nations such as U.K, U.S, Australia, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Both women and men have all unite in the past during their time for the search and achievement of democracy. They unite and demanded an establishment of democracy in their countries. They unite and fought for democracy together.

They unite and demanded an end to injustice, lack of democracy and discrimination in their countries. Many of them were arrested and detained without any real crimes. Many of them were killed while demanding their inalienable rights. Many of them were mistreated because of their search for democracy and freedom in their countries.

Furthermore, Democracy cannot be achieved on a silver platter. Democracy cannot fall from heaven without hard-work and sacrifices. People must be willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve democracy. People must demand democracy from their authorities for them to achieve it.

People should not be spectators when they genuinely need democracy. For example, in many countries like U.S and Germany. People made sacrifices for democracy we see nowadays in those nations. Americans made sacrifices for democracy.

They Germans made sacrifices for democracy. Europeans made sacrifices for democracy. It was not a walk in the park. They were real sacrifices. Additionally, how is South Sudan in term of democracy? Do we’ve democracy in our country? What is the role of South Sudanese women in the search and achievement of democracy in South Sudan? Are women helping our hard-working men in the search of democracy in South Sudan or are they just onlookers?

Are women assisting our brothers to accomplish democracy or do they think that the search and accomplishment of democracy is a task for men only?

Furthermore, many South Sudanese women need to know that in the search and achievement of democracy, there’re no spectators in that endeavor.
There’re no idlers in the search and accomplishment of democracy.

The achievement of democracy is a patriotic duty of every living citizen in South Sudan regardless of political affiliations and ethnic background. There’re no eyewitnesses but only doers in that nationalistic assignment. South Sudanese women must not leave this civic duty to our male citizens alone.

Because when democracy is achieved, it’s not our brothers who’ll enjoy the fruits of democracy solely, it’s all of us collectively and women need to understand that. In addition to that, South Sudanese women need to unite among themselves and speak in one voice in the search of democracy in South Sudan.

We must demand our rightful share and natural rights in the republic of South Sudan without fear and hesitation. Government of South Sudan need to be sincere and grant the percentage that has been given to women without trickery. We need our rightful percentage in the government.

We demand an end to persistent injustice, sexism and systemic biasness toward women in South Sudan. Government must pay attention to the series of demands for reforms and cries of people of all walks of life across our beautiful South Sudan.

The culture of promising and struggle to deliver must come to an end on the side of the government in South Sudan. Additionally, women must work together with men in order to achieve democracy in our country. Women should unite and support their fellow women leaders in the government so that they’ll succeed in the search and accomplishment of democracy.
Women’s full participation in country’s politics, economy, academia, and the media is vital to democracy and crucial to the accomplishment of sustainable development and peace.

Real democracy is based on the achievement of gender equality and human rights. Moreover, if a governmental system excludes women’s participation, if it neglects accountability for women’s rights, then it fails them entirely. Weak democracy is the top barrier to the enjoyment of natural rights around the globe. Failure to respect basic rights is an impediment to democracy.

Additionally, real democracy must be based on checks and balances and accountability of national institutions that allow womankind to seek redress when their liberties and rights are violated with impunity.

The judiciary and parliament and other national institutions must act as guarantors of the rule of law and grant rights of women. They should ensure that avenues of redress are open to women’s needs and safeguard their inalienable rights.

Finally, the government of South Sudan should ensure that democracy is seen through action and not through lip service. The government’s institutions, human rights actors, diplomatic corps, like-minded compatriots and humanitarian agencies should often support courageous and visionary citizens in the search and achievement of democracy in South Sudan.

The author is a women’s rights activist and can be reach via her Email:


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