The suffering of the urban refugees in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Opinion by George G Jock (SS24News)

Saturday September 5, 2020

South Sudan failed her Citizens

It is very hard and painful to describe what I have seen In Addis Ababa but I feel ashamed to blame other agencies or countries rather than my country who failed her people and invested on their suffering. I came to Addis Ababa with a short term visit and met many urban refugees in Addis Ababa .I asked their situation and said that it is very worst enough but they have No choice. NyaRuac, Nyahok and Anter from South Sudan, Abdurrahman from Somalia, Abraham from Eritrea and Ahmed from Yemen described the situation to me and make to feel nervous too much.

They faced price rise of basic need like food and others items; the price of house rent is also rise which is very difficult to manage and no one care about the situation .They tried to rent in very most locals area although it is far from their children’s schools and they reached the city end and still too boring.

I have taken confirmation when I heard their monthly salaries that’s a family of side three earn 2700 birr per month which is very difficult to divide into food items for 30 days and house rent. It would never be necessary to mention clothing. And a family of side five earn 3300 birr per month and it is also hard to divide them among food items for 30 days and house rent while in Addis Ababa there is no room for house rent with money. below 2000 birr it is not only Sudanese refugees who are suffering but also others refugee like Eritrea, Congo, Yemen, Somalia, Burundi and others urban refugees from different countries.

I call on South Sudan government to fed up for peace and end the suffering of her country’s people .I also call on all UN agencies to take serious action against price rise and consider risk impose to the urban refugees in Ethiopia otherwise it would gone difficult for them.

I feel like am one among responsible people as a youths leader who can take and solve the problem immediately.

The government of South Sudan should form Refugees live care Team RLCT to visit and comfort them in this difficult time.

The UNHCR should assess the city price rises and balance it with the refugees’ salaries.
The UNHCR should corporates with city administration and provides a housing for all urban refugees to show them care and life supports.
The Africa Union should think for African problems and should also form Refugees live care team RLCT to balance the Refugees Economic problems.

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