The Status and the Future of South Sudan under the Dinka leadership

By: Juol Nhomngek Gec Juba, South Sudan

December 21, 2020 (SS24NEWS)

The problems of South Sudan are multifaceted. They are mixed of social, economic and politcal in nature. They cannot be easily addressed without Political will to adopt radical approach. In fact, they need strong leader who is ready to ruthlessly deal with issues as they arise.

The leadership that South Sudan needs is one that is tough but fair. The fair leader can be able to protect vulnerable while punishing those who violate the rights of others. Currently, we don’t have such a leader as the President in power is so lenient to the criminals who are destroying the government at his watch.

The fact that the government of the SPLM from 2005 to 2013 allowed crimes to grow horns in the country explained that the SPLM mainstream failed the country and if it were not the will of the citizens, South Sudan would have not got her independence under the Dinka leadership.

The way South Sudan was managed before and after independence explained the emergency of crisis that eventually resulted into the 2013 civil war which we are now grappling with to bring to an end.

As we struggle to bring the war in South Sudan to an end which needs the implementation of the Agreement in letter and spirit,, the same SPLM-IG that mismanaged Southern Sudan before and after independence is still not yet satisfied as it is trying by all means to sabotage the process of implementation of the Revitalized Agreement.

The SPLM-IG is deliberately refusing to implement the Agreement as we saw in rejection of Olony and reluctance to form the National and State Governments. Before the SPLM-IO submitted in its lists of nominees of both National and State Governments, the SPLM-IG was using the SPLM-IO as scapegoat for the delay of the formation of Government.

It became clear after the lists of Nominees of the SPLM-IO were submitted in that the one that does not want the implementation of the Agreement is the SPLM-IG. The SPLM-IG does not want to implement the Revitalized Agreement simply because it may lead to the system reform that will future result into elections and loss of power.

The SPLM-IG will never accept the implementation of the Agreement because it is not ready to lose the power. It thus uses all tricks to stick to power. For instance, the recent National Dialogue whose outcomes it rejected was formed just to delay the process not because the SPLM-IG would accept the outcome that is against its power.

Many people who opposed the so-called National Dialogue we’re branded as enemies of peace. But now the real enemy of peace is the SPLM-IG. Therefore, the SPLM-IO, Dr. Lam’ Akol’s Party and other South Sudanese Political Parties plus individuals that outrightly refused to take part in the National Dialogue are now proved right beyond reasonable doubt.

Had the SPLM-IO, Dr. Lam’s Akol’s Party participated in that sham National Dialogue,, the SPLM-IG would have had legitimate claim for the results being influenced by the Oppositions that they have been accusing of interested in regime Change. Thanks God that they did not participate which made them to expose the SPLM-IG as a party that is playing with the minds of South Sudanese without meaning the word Peace.

In addition, the divided and ruled adopted by the SPLM-IG in which citizens that have been co-existing for centuries are indirectly forced to work against each other is the tool of retaining power by denying citizens unity to live together so that they are able to question the ruling party on misgovernment.

For instance, though Pandang and other four tribes of Upper Nile State used to have conflicts among themselves, those conflicts were not serious as they are today. If they were as they are today, they would have not co-existed until 2013. The Dinka leadership however magnified the communal violence in Upper Nile like other parts of South Sudan so that it remains in power while citizens are busy butchering each other.

The Dinka leadership with some of its accomplices from other tribes who are trained to participate in Dinka leadership ideology of dividing and ruling all citizens iare copted. Majority of Dinka people are staying with leadership not because they wanted but the fear to join the strong oppositions which the Dinka leadership has sold in light of tribalism. Dinka leadership is doing this just to advance its agenda of controlling resources for few individuals related to leadership and the leadership itself.

For example, failure to pay government employees for averagely ten months is the same strategy of controlling resources as well as keeping citizens weak and in perpetual poverty. Indeed, amidst plenty there is abject poverty. Ninty Percent of population in South Sudan are unemployed and by implication rendered legitimate beggars not because they want to beg but the system is designed in a way that it makes people automatic beggars.

This is because the opportunities are limited for South Sudanese to ensure that they are not able to work so and instead spend days and years under trees begging from offices of few who are lucky and spend it on tea as soon as they receive it. All of us have been turned into beggars or potential begars as we depend on handouts from our friends or relatives.

The Counterinsurgency approach adopted by the SPLM-IG to frustrate the efforts of the SPLM-IO to implement the Revitalized Agreement cast a black cloud of doubts over whether the positive peace can be achieved in the country through the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement.

The failure to follow the guidelines and timeline in the implementation of the Agreement as the Dinka leadership is dragging its feet should be a matter of concern to all the citizens, IGAD, African Union, TROIKA, the United Nations and its Security Council.

This is because there is likelihood of South Sudan falling into deeper crisis if the present Revitalized Agreement fails to bring everlasting peace. The likely failure of the Revitalized Agreement causes some of us to worry as the future of Peace Agreement and South Sudan is bleak.

The future of South Sudan is bleak as things have fallen apart: the centre of power no longer holds. The Centre of Power has been weakened by the fact that the nation is being run under the guide of tribal Senate called Jieng Council of Elders which formulates the policy of the Government of South Sudan that represents one tribe’s views and values.

Doing that by Dinka leadership is a mistake. The country called South Sudan was a product of concerted effort by all South Sudanese whether in towns or in the bush. This was seen when we were in the bush. The people were forced to provide food and transportation to the SPLA/M while those in towns used to be informers for the SPLA/M.

It was a crime for citizens staying closer to towns to be found going to towns without the permission from the SPLA/M. Many of our people lost their lives around Rumbek in such a way.

The future of South Sudan was realized due to the collective contribution by all South Sudanese irrespective of their tribes or clans. The SPLA/M forced all the tribes to take part in the liberation of South Sudan until it was realized in 2011. Like now, majority of the people who directly participated were Nuer and Dinka with the member of Dinka Community being their leader. Nonetheless, the weaknesses of Dinka leadership were not realized because of the presence of common enemy called Arabs.

The presence of Arabs by then was a strong uniting factor that made it hard for the weaknesses of Dr. John Garang de Mabor, the leader of the SPLA/M to be easily seen or detected by the common or ordinary citizens in the villages. It was that reason Dr. John Garang was seen as Messiah though Dr. Riek Machar, the Chairman of the SPLM-IO and Dr. Lam Akol, the Chairman of NDM found out those weaknesses earlier but they could not succeed against Dr. John Garang as he was a good mobilizer as well as he was good in misleading the population.

Consequently, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Dr. Lam Akol were isolated and shown in bad light that their PHDs were not helpful to the country. What those who believe in the theory of bad PHD formulated by Dr. John Garang de Mabor overlook is that the 1994 Chukudum Convention that led to the transformation of the SPLM/A into the structures of the true government was the initiation of two Doctors. They must be given credit for that.

Unfortunately, after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the death of First Dinka leader that was capable of manipulating the citizens and making things move, the country fell into the hands of Dinka leadership with different complete style of governance.

With Dinka leadership currently, the following become apparent: value of education is lost since education is not desire for its own sake but it is desired as a means of getting employment and resources. Thus, marks and grades become more important than the knowledge.

Tribes become the means of retaining power. As a result, tribalism becomes the supreme law of the land. We see tribal Senate and Parliament in form of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) emergiing. The JCE becomes the main advisory board for the President whose tribal ideas become the basis of running the nation of sixty four (64) tribes. Running the country on the ideology of one tribe was bound to be resisted by other tribes.

State house (J1) becomes the office of subtribe and their friends. Women and girls become target as they give themselves in exchange for seeing the government officials and to be given opportunities as Akuach Eliza Wol talked about it last time confirming the long-standing accusations against the government officials or South Sudan.

Under the Dinka leadership, prostitution is legalized as sex is sold openly by most of the girls in Juba and men who come to buy them. The common area where the market of sex is found is along Tumbura road closer to roundabout on the left hand from University of Juba down Tumbura road.

Just slop down Tumbura road from University of Juba road and then branch to the left immediately after leaving roundabout and move deep inside about some few metres, you will find many Dinka girls sidelining the roads ranging from the most beautiful ones to the ugliest ones to underage offering themselves cheaply for sex.

At the same time the Ethiopians and Eritresns hotel managers have turned those hotels into brothels where short time practice is commonly carried out. I came to learn the word short time when I was looking for where to sleep. I moved int three hotels that refused to offer me a place where to sleep as the remaining rooms were only for short time. When I made an inquiry I was told that short time means a room where sex is played for short time without sleeping there.

In summary, the future of Peace and South Sudan is bleak. The The Dinka leadership has destroyed this Country. The only way to save it is to implement the Revitalized Agreement in letter and spirit. If the Agreement is not implemented and peace fails, three things will happen in South Sudan. These are:first the whole government will be sanctioned and Dinka as a result will lose power; second, the country will apart into three counties; and third, the war of resistance will never end. We must therefore implement the Agreement to save the country and ourselves.”

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