The SPLM/A Leaders could have won it all but…

By Eng. Chuar Juet Jock

In this country where leaders seem to have sworn it all to power and that either they have to rule or no such a thing as a nation or country, South Sudan’s ruling elite could have hit two birds with one stone, given their earned competitive advantage over the rest as a result of their undeniable role and legacy in the liberation war, they could have established and developed a great country and in the same time they were going to rule it for a very long time if not indefinitely and without a match or competing rival. Unfortunately greed has played with their minds and though they have missed that golden chance and undoubtedly losing it all only that they were also quick to come back in the wild way, hurried to the worst alternative ever, ruling by the barrel of the gun, fear, terror and endless campaign of lies the same people they have claimed to have led to liberation.

SPLM/A has lost it all with the people of South Sudan and if the matter was up to the people’s decision in an open election, fair and credible, then they could have learned in a big uproar their ultimate failure from the results of such an elections because the people of South Sudan will definitely vote them out of power and come instead with a new leadership that could keep the country united , at peace with itself, secure and developing but that is far from happening, but instead, the SPLM/A has given itself a chance again in this what we call TGoNU and nothing the innocent people of South Sudan can do at the moment but at least wait patiently and endure the worse situation ever in the entire history of South Sudan and hope that the historical party may repent and redeem itself and come with new approach to the nation-state building or the right and wrong should depart their way in new parties breaking up the corrupted giant.

In the forefront of his generation, Mabior Garang De Mabior, along with his peers and colleagues in second or third row of SPLM/A leadership could be South Sudan’s glimpse of light and hope for efficient and effective leadership and particularly Mabior, being the son of the SPLM/A co-founder and thank you for Dr. Machar for providing the opportunity for Mabior and thousands of young leaders in a time when they were chased away to exile. As for Mabior, well if he is being troubled by some questions such as what would his father really do to this nation and country if he was still alive? Or what he himself should do to build on the unfinished legacy and promise of his dad to this nation and country? Well, I trust in him to deliver a better leadership maybe even than his late dad, well, if at least the hawks of power and corruption of Juba political establishment didn’t block his way and start conspiring on him in a way or another.

South Sudan’s need for effective and efficient leadership has been demonstrated by the current miserable state of socio-economic and political affairs in which the poor or lack of leadership of our current leaders has brought us into and let us admit it folks that, in a resource- rich country like South Sudan, failure cannot be attributed to anything else but the human factor reflected in lack of leadership, poor performance, illiteracy, tribalism and the persistence culture of failure enshrined within our society negative norms and of course the society’s way of thinking, concepts, and mindset. However, the leadership in our country takes the lion share in this collective failure since they could have re-engineered nearly everything towards success, they haven’t done so, they have failed.

As a result, the nation with only 27% literacy rate and 64 different tribes found itself in shattered roads without guidance and leadership since its leaders became its destroyers and at a time being exploited by opportunist politicians or falling to the bias of illiteracy and tribalism at another. Well, the TGoNU is another rare opportunity for the SPLM/A leadership combined to deliver the liberation movement’s promises and to embark in the second liberation of this nation, liberation from bias of illiteracy, tribalism and all the social ills embedded in our current culture of failure that is not producing a thing but taking us downward instead.

*I wrote piece of the “In a Nutshell” on June 24th, 2016 after the formation of TGoNU


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