The funders of the fighting in Gajaak land must desist from doing so.

SS24 News 14th April 2020

By Pal Chol Nyan

Please, stop it. It is alien in our culture. This noble tribe has a reputation for peaceful coexistence and hospitality. It shouldn’t be reduced to a laughing stock by a few with integrity compromised by love and weakness for money and power in our watch. We will inform our kids not to let them get away with it now and in the future

We don’t need to stoop too low to allow ourselves to be set against one another, à la Jellaba, by people who are not supreme in any way.

Is it just because of power and wealth? That war is uncalled for. It has no meaning whatsoever.

I once taught in Maiwut and Malual Gahoth in the early 90’s. Gajaak in particular, are known for being kind, generous and welcoming to guests. If a guest of one Gajaak man is hurt in any way by the neighbor, a war is caused.
Where has that nobility gone?

My people ,Gaatkiir, don’t accept to be used by those whose objective in life are their bellies and king-making.
Their imported Western culture is dirty and divisive. It is all about by greediness and bloodthirtness.

When we kill ourselves because we have been thrown a bone without meat;those who say they are our enemies will celebrate a failed victory.

The 64 or so tribes have shed blood for this country. They are have equal rights in the Constitution governing the land although I know the Constitution is tailored for the benefit of a few. No single tribe should claim supremacy even if they happened to be holding the mantle of power. That would be hypocritical of them. Let us naintain our dignity and cultural values and norms. It is what remains behind once we go to be with the Creator.

Eating in the culture of the Nuer was having no much significance attached to it and that was why the Nuer would popularly say the stomach is a plate(tuok) of God.
Simply and idiomaticallt put, it means food which has now become money cannot be a cause of death in any way.
Kindly listen to my call for a speedy end to the ongoing fighting. It is not a politically motivated appeal. I don’t need a job. I just feel hurt.

If there are people behind this for selfish reasons; Kiir , the deity of Jikany Diyian will watch over them. Please, pull out of that dirty game.
It doesn’t benefit our people at all.
It will boomerangs on your children and the generations to follow.We can’t build bloody colonialists in our country.

The current waves of switching political allegiances defines our moral weakness. Those in power have found a loophole to infiltrate our tribe and communities and take the weak to be later dumped when they fail to do what may be required of them.
Is that how we want ourselves and the next generation to live ?


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