Squabble at tea place in Juba

BY Pal Chol Nyan Juba- South Sudan

Monday October 19, 2020 (SS24News)

At a tea-place yesterday, a guy close by surprised me when he wanted to fight the lady over the issue of the small cup of tea; (virexi) costing 100 pounds.I took the risk to mediate. You know those who intervene to resolve issues end up victimized.
When I asked the guy what the problem was; he said these red ladies are the ones destroying this country.
I told him ;it is OK . I will pay the money and so I did. After paying; he said thank you!

I diagnosed the case. It was not about the price hike, he in fact did not have money.
I told him apologise to the lady. He said it is OK reluctantly and walked away with empty pride.
The lady later me this is not the first time; he usually comes and takes tea here but he quarrels when it comes to payment.

I asked the lady where the guy works. She said he is SPLA. I told her there is no more SPLA , there is SSPDF. If we are to judge; who is right? The guy coming to take tea freely thinking being a soldier is an immunity or the lady who sells her tea for 100 pounds per a small cup ? I, for one, will rule that the soldier is wrong.

He should not vent his anger on an innocent tea lady. The guy,in rags for that matter, should address his issue to his Commanders who eat their money in Bilpam. What does an innocent lady who uses her sweat to buy cosmetics have to do with that ?
Our national army are under paid or not paid at all. The worse part is because they are fearing to ask their bosses. We, the citizens are the victims. If you look at this country, it is as if nobody is at the head. Things run alone.

Traders determine the prices. Nobody is asking them. The dollar Front has captured the State except J1. Another scenario was a fight over wazla; a kind of top-over in the restaurant.

A visibly hungry looking gentleman in a rogue tie shouted to the top of his voice that he needed a wazla. With this upsurge in hunger and the number of people overflowing to the restaurant.;the one at the Counter was so busy. After a delay in less than three minutes , he walked in and just hurled insults.Ya seyman; an Arabic word for an idiot; didn’t you hear me when I asked for a wazla?

The polite slim young chap just stood up and walked to get it for him. When you look at this , it is all about the situation. Life is hard. Everybody is hostile. No dialogue. It is boxing that is working. Do we still think we have a country?

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning is not saying anything about our salary.
There is no functional Chamber of Commerce to determine and regulate the prices. The little reserve that was present is divided into pockets by the powerful.

We should not be surprised. We only have to bear it. We are in a country where leaders don’t care about the citizens. They care about themselves and their families.. We are in a country where tribal supremacy is what counts. We are in a country where money talks. Remember,the dura saga, the Al Cardinal scandal, the pre-sale contracts; the list is long.

When I had an audience with a trusted friend , he confided to me that; my friend, if you are well connected , you can steal the whole Bank of South Sudan but nothing will ever come your way. I proved him right. Now, the people are in limbo; there is nothing positive in sight. It all looks gloomy. Nov 12 is approaching and there is no telling whether or not something will indeed happen; am talking about the R-TGONU.

About the salaries , I personally have forgotten it.I said if one has to think deeply about it; it may lead to a stroke or major manic depression which doesn’t have have a complete cure.I only decided to hustle to afford a day’s meal.

There is no more asking about it. Those tasked with our finances think they own it and their relatives in the power centre give them too much leverage. They can give when they need to. It is not any longer about public service contract of paying the workforce after 30 days’ work.

The weak succumbed and lost hope. They are overwhelmed by hunger and so they do what they do to earn a living; theft , lottery and gambling are some of the things they do. Is this country safe ?
There is nothing that goes its way. All things are twisted. Some want to make this country a hub of their self-enrichment.

The ideals for which many many fought have been abandoned ;they were prosperity, unity, justice ,equality , peace and development. Those who didn’t die during the war thought it was a covenant between them and God not to have died.

If they boast that, we captured Jekow, Malual, Rumbek, Yei and Kaya and later turned around to come and mistreat those they said they liberated; will those killed in actions allow them to continue living and if they so live, will not be in ailments?
Where there is hunger, there’s no peace. Where there is no peace; there is insecurity and as such instability comes in and so does the break-down of law and order. Are we not in this situation? God have mercy!

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