SPLM-IO accuses SSPDF of attacking it’s training center

Tuesday September 29, 2020 (SS24News)

Press releases

Today this morning at around 6:30AM, East African time, Moroto, a popular SPLA (IO) training center of Central Equatoria state, has been attacked by the (SSPDF).

Brig.Gen.James Wal Chuol, whose brigade came into attack, said it’s beyond doubt that the regime has shown its true colour in a Broad daylight by pushing a vulnerable newly defected Maj.Gen. Moses Lokiju, to start a proxy operation in Equatoria. As a result, the SPLA (IO) gallant forces under command of Cdr.Maj.General John Mabieh Gaar, excessively stormed the rogue forces and chased them in disarray around Moroto bushes at 2:00PM.

The SPLA (IO) high command leadership has condemned the attacks in the strongest teams possible and still informing the South Sudan peace guarantors, to keep their eyes open and to take critical views on the current status because this direct belligerences may not only crippled the current agreement but also would leads to the demise and the collapsing of the agreement.

The SPLA (IO) leadership has critically observed and learned the moves which of course, seems resembling the same way regime took the SPLA (IO) bases of Kahkah, Wau Shulluk, Maiwut,Torrow and Pagak GHQs, respectively while our negotiating team had been in Addis Ababa for talks in 2018.

It’s clear that since the regime turned down and procrastinating the security arrangements that would have convinced the army and the whole nation, is a sign of complete mess that aims to turn the country back to war, as such, the leadership wouldn’t accept any kind of violation or tactics which may leads to regains our bases in midst of unproductive implementation of the agreement, otherwise!

Brig.Gen.William Gatjiath Deng, SPLA (IO) Army SPokesman, GHQs, South Sudan/29/09/2020


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