South Sudan is run by butchers, supermarket Attendees, Cattle Dip workers and elderly home caregivers from abroad

Opinion by Stephen Duol Jok (SS24NEWS)

Sunday September 20, 2020

My fellow South Sudanese, it’s with deep emotions shattered by uncleared picture painted on walls and the hearts of this Republic. As a citizen of this beloved nation blessed with abundance natural resources but infested with TRIBALISTIC MINDS sugarcoated in the name of PATRIOTISM.

How can we complain of economic meltdown while those sitting at the steer wheel of the Republican Vehicle/bus are the American butchers, supermarket attendees, cattle dip workers, and elderly home caregivers who saved their hard earned money during the years of guerrilla war between US and the SUDAN, then bought suits and neckties to come back to the Republic of South Sudan after the independence and be the POLICY ADVISORS to our military officers who only know how to implement short term strategies like how to recapture Torit or Renk from Jalaba but don’t know how to hold their position after capturing such a strategic points.

These fellas cannot even comprehend a simple first aid kit training in a day or weeks in America or Australia but are now the ones entrusted by those sitting at the helm of affairs to resuscitate a dying economy of the Republic of South Sudan.

In so doing, the well trained engineers, economists, Financial Analysts from the University of Juba, the neighboring institutions of higher learnings across East African Countries are left languishing on the streets of Juba while sipping their sugary teas, on how easy it is to solve this economic crisis.

How can an elderly home caregiver be able to give you a five years’ work plan? Yet, he/she have only been trained on how to change a diaper for an elderly person and how to bath them.

We cannot attain the reforms required if we don’t make good use of our locally nurtured skills. For the Thomases, glance at the following:

1: Juba City road rehabilitation. Roads are repaired week after week without proper drainage system. A small burst of a water pipe will almost erode away an entire tarmac.

2: Construction tenders are given to briefcase companies without prior experiences in the road construction, the case of Shandong Nile International. What a disaster‼

3: Financial Advisors that encourage monies to be carried from the Bank of South Sudan to government offices/Military Headquarters, giving the leader an ample time to steal money and stock them on their houses.

As such, these folks (the returnees) do not have the desired proficiency to run national offices but are realistically emaciated and racially affected by the trauma imported from abroad racism hence, they think Tribal, Act tribal and even advise tribal.

Simple queries on, Who own the black market?

Who finances the black market? Who guards the black market? Who owns the currencies/legal tenders? For the black market to be shut down, the generals using their bodyguards to sell dollars on the streets need to be identified and denied access to hard currencies. This logic doesn’t require a rocket scientist or an economist. The black market MUST be shut down completely.

What needs to done;

The following recommendations should be considered:

1: Shut down the black market. I mean a complet closure and anybody found selling dollars either on the streets or houses to be prosecuted,

2: Formation of Salary and Renumeration Commission. This body will help in regulating the payment of employees and public servants hence, harmonizing the variance in public renumeration,

3: Universal local currency payments. All entities operating in the Republic should pay their employees in local currencies and no HARD CURRENCIES PAYMENT IN SOUTH SUDAN,

4: Suspend hard currencies transfers in the Republic of South Sudan. Restrict sending out money but encourage receipt of money in the country. There should be nobody I mean no one exceptional in this that should send money outside this country. People should do e-banking. This will encourage South Sudanese lives within this country and build it, and

5: Total Change of Bank notes. This will collect all the money stocked by government officers or institutions in form of corruption and return them to the bank. Hence, those who have stolen can be prosecuted and their source of finances questioned.

The above should be a kickstarters to do our economic recovery plan.
It saddens many how this country is being run and those charged with responsibilities are not doing enough to create the impact desired because they lack the capacity to do so.

We cannot afford to be misled by these abroad returnees or lost boys who at some point claimed to be part of Red Army and the Independence Struggle.

We must love this country and speak for it because we cannot afford to have our children grow up in refugees and neighboring countries yet we have a vast land that nobody occupy solely because we are selfish and refusing to take responsibilities to create a better place for our families to lives in.

For God and my Country!!!
The views expressed above are solely my own.

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By CPA, MScs. Finance, B Com. Stephen Duol Jok

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