Skin bleaching and itsimplication on women heath

By: Gum Makur Gum. Yirol, Lakes State, South Sudan.

Friday, 12th March 2021 (SS24News)

Skin bleaching refers to the use of cream products to lighten dark areas of the skin. Skin bleaching was rarely practiced in the past; it became normal practices after South Sudan gained her independence from Sudan.
In the past it was unacceptable in some cultural norms to see women bleaching themselves, they were regarded as unfit and overlooked almost by every one.

An American sociological society paper explain, “ To justify racial slavery, slave holding interests espoused a white supremacist ideology which held that persons of African decent were innately inferior to whites. During colonial era, it is believed that those with lighter skin were closer to the opportunities that were only afforded to white people.

In light of the above mentioned, light skinned slaves were separated from dark skinned slaves and were able to work indoors away from the glaring sun. In that case, if the skin was the only barrier stopping them from accessing better opportunities. The obvious question that came to their minds was, why not bleach when the skin bleaching represents one step closer to the social status historically reserved for white people.

In today context, I failed to comprehend why most of our women would want to be lighter if they were born naturally dark skinned and when given equal opportunities like white, the excuse could be during colonial era. Today, South Sudanese women preferred to look like whites to attract opposite sex. They bleached themselves with all kinds of dangerous alloy based whitening.

Theses products include bleaching creams, soaps, professional treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy.

In order to discouraged skin bleaching, number of countries have banned the use of skin bleaching products because of dangerous associated with it.

I have seen many of our women suffering skins bleaching impacts and nobody is paying attention to. I suggest that government should impose some kind of regulations on the usage of body creams, because the entire heath of citizens depends on the government.

Skin bleaching, has no health benefits and has been linked to a number of serious side effects.
Initially this stupid produce lighten their skins, but eventually it begins to peel their skins and cause all kinds of skin diseases which not only dangerous to themselves but nauseating to look at.

The develop blotches on their faces and with bad smells when it is hot. The ideology of white beauty and white privilege has been embedded deep into our women minds. According to Professor Tate, they majority of people from African background have a negative opinion of it socially, politically and culturally. This is due to its connection to white supremacy and colonialism and is linked to the negative connotations being black has had for many years.

Assume someone throw acid on your face, what would you do, the alternative solution to this problem is to call police or ended up fighting each other because of its implication on your face.

I have been conversing with number of women whom I came into contact with, trying to investigate the motives behind skin bleaching, some of them said they wanted to look like Hellene of Troy and attract more men into their companies. Please you are beauty the way you are, stop bleaching yourselves to look like a Caucasian. Finally, imitating other people way of living is another way of losing your identity.

The author is a Director of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment.

Yirol East County, Lakes State. He can be reached via email:


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