Silence is golden but not in this case

Opinion by Pal Chol Nyan

Tuesday September 22, 2020 (SS24News)

I knew and saw it coming. I was mistaken for a wizard. However, time and space have proven me right. I think the conspiracy is being hatched against those believed to have been loyal to what they call “the former Administration”, a misnomer. When was it that there is another Administration distinct from President Kiir’s ? That would be a parallel administration.

The first incident happened when the man who dedicated and spent half of his youthful life for the liberation of this country was fired for speaking the truth .
He was wanted to lie which is not part of his behaviour or character.

This loose talk about reform will continue to be a castle in the air given the current state of affairs.
Willy-nilly, the previous Administration decieved the eyes of the hoi polloi, literally speaking. They left behind something that will keep their names alive now and for the generations to come. The best thing would have been to build on it but not to destroy or downplay it out of sheer jealousy and personal vendetta.

Rumor had it that people are fighting over who to occupy which office from the new buildings in the premises of the Hospital. To the contrary, the competition could be on how to maintain them.

Notwithstanding the fact that there is no perfection in whatever the mortal man does at some point, it is fair to recognise the efforts of others. Denying what others have done fits in the Islam saying that” he or she who doesn’t thank people cannot thank God”. We should not be causing ourselves friction and enmity out of nothing or just coz of few American dollars accruing from Corona pandemic. More days are ahead with many good things to come that shall bind us for ever.

In these targeted changes,the Deputy Director of Administration and Finance in the Hospital was sacked unceremoniously coded as an internal transfer.
Another gentleman of noble character and distinguished academic background in the Ministry headquarters in-charge of Administration was fired and sent to another non-effective Unit.
Some well trained doctors with progressive ideas who also head specialised Units are frustrated because they are not members in the new Covenant.

The other eye catching event is that the man who initially replaced the dismissed Public Health Laboratory Director General was disgracefully sacked on lame accusations which the public cannot buy even when and if laid bare.
The person in question has a rare scientific knowledge and expertise. He left the comforts of the West to come and serve this country.
He is now a disappointed man!

The Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response,a hardworking young man committed to his work, was suspended without a prior warning. There is a likelihood that somebody close home will replace him. Charity begins at home. This slogan doing the round and coined by the same people that ” from POC to EOC” is not any longer a closed-ended secret. It shall be responded to in due course.

If nepotism or tribalism if you like, could reach even to the places where only technicalities are the prerequisites,then this country is done unless some miracles happen in the process.
It is not the right theatre for small talks, gossiping or building of a personality cult. Services take the precedence over wealth here.

It is no more a news that the choirs of the new Administration are set with zeal to get rid of the previous technical employees in every way possible including concocting charges as a smokescreen.

Though I have not been on speaking terms with the previous Administration for some reasons, it cannot prevent me from saying the truth. The Public Health Laboratory was brought to its current level by those being politicallly victimized. The question is , where were they who claim to be experts ?

To inform the public, no wheels were invented. This EOC ( Emergency Operation Centre) was set up since the outbreak Ebola.
It is a small wonder that the first achievement of those who call themselves the new Administration could be riding the Ministry of the few recruited experts instead of increasing the number present to improve health services delivery.

I am of the opinion that this dirty belly politics that divide people should be left to the politicians who cannot live beyond being a Minister , a lawmaker, a Governor etc. What this services Ministry needs are people with practical skills and knowledge and no more !

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