Response to the article of Salva Mathok Gengdit “the Jonglei crisis and the committee formed”

Opinion by Pal Chol (SS24NEWS)

In the Dawn newspaper Volume 5 issue 015O of today, Page 4, General Salva Mathok Gengdit wrote an article titled ” the Jonglei crisis and the committee formed”. I am interested in the last paragraph where he said and I quote ” Many people asked me, what made Bor and Lou Nuer unite and moved jointly to invade Murle land? Where is 1991 and 2013 white army invasion of Bor land?( verbatim) Unquote”.

I am not only surprised but puzzled by these eye catching questions raised by the renowned General turned politician. There is an adage in Arabic saying ” the enemy of your enemy is your friend”.

I believe the Bor and Lou Nuer are seeing the Murle as their common enemy for now and that answered in part the questions of General Gengdit. The 1991 incident was resolved by the Late Chairman Dr John Garang and Dr Riek Machar. 2013 incident has been dealt with in Chapter V of the R-ARCISS that is now in the process of being implemented.

I am against a campaign by any group to wage war against Murle and the vice-versa.

It didn’t cross my mind that the General would pose such intriguing queries obliquely intended to scratch old wounds.

Bor and Lou Nuer have a long history of social and political ties. They have also long history of feuds just like any neighbour. Close to the home of the General, there is a conflict now between Apuk and Aguok. What have they done about it? There is a Biblical illustration of removing the speck from you first and then when you are able to see, u remove the speck in the eye of your brother.

He missed it narrowly.
Lou Nuer and the dinka , Bor, for that matter, are not sworn enemies, a mythology long held by the traders of disasters and those who don’t want stability in Jonglei.

The Murle and Lou Nuer are not enemies either though at times, they fight like is now the case.

Some people should not capitalize on the ongoing conflict to preach what will not help them in any way. It won’t be long when the General will see that what is now happening is resolved.

I have no comment about his doubt of the committee formed or who heads it because that is not the first Committee ever to be formed.

Let me assure our seasoned General that there is no enmity whatsoever between the Lou Nuer and any of the 64 tribes in our country.


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