Parties to the R- ARCSS finally clinched a deal on the number of counties

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Wednesday September 23, 2020

The Parties to the revitalized peace agreement have finally clinched ba deal today on the number of Counties to be shared according to the press secretary in the office of the first Vice president James Gatdet Dak, 79 not 75 as it was the issue counties will be shared among the parties to the agreement

The Parties have therefore started the negotiations on allocating Commissioners for these 79 Counties.

Let it be clear that allocating Commissioners to Counties means which Party should nominate a Commissioner for which County in accordance with the responsibility sharing ratios. According to James Gatdet Dak

It doesn’t mean naming individual candidates for each County. This will come at another stage when it comes to appointing the County Commissioners. Each Party shall nominate their candidates to respective allocated Counties.

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