Nyirol County Deserves better from SPLM-IO Leadership.

By Marum Ruon Wicjoat

Saturday October 24, 2020 (SS24News)

Dear leadership, I have taken this decision to inform your Excellency Dr. Riek Machar Teny and the whole leadership of the party to take into consideration the appeal of the people of Nyirol County. The People of Nyirol are dismayed by the flexible decision made by the leadership to allocate Nyirol County to the SPLM-IO.

When the news was received by the population, the mass celebrated and congratulated the leadership for choosing Nyirol over the other Counties in Bieh State due to the fact that Nyirol is the seat of SPLM-IO in Bieh state and the SPLA-IO forces.

While the people where in the process of preparation for the selection of the County Commissioner, the leadership of SPLM-IO decided to change their mind and allocate Nyirol to SPLM-IG.

The question the people of Nyirol ask is; are we not as important to the SPLM-IO party as the people of Akobo? If yes, then why did you raise the hope of the people of Nyirol and then decided to change your idea?

Nyirol sons and daughter have learnt with dismay that the change in decision to allocate the County to IG came as a result of pressure put on the leadership by the people of Akobo. If the people of Akobo can be heard, why can`t we be heard too.
Risk of weak support, dear sir, I am sure you are ready to risk losing support from the diehard supporters of the party from Nyirol.

We fought vigorously compare to others and we did not fight to only get position but to deserve recognition from the leadership of SPLM-IO.

Causing disunity amongst the two Counties, the leadership may not have thought about the impact of the decision made to better give Nyirol to IG compare to Akobo.

This change has been taken by Akobo intellectuals as weakness to the people of Nyirol which in turn lead to mocking and other bad replies from both sides. We therefore inform the leadership in advance that whatsoever happens shall be counted on the failure of the leadership to make rational decision that hampered peace and trust within the community.

Equal contribution to the success of the party, the people of Nyirol hold the view that Bieh State Counties and people are the same and deserve equal chance of recognition. I write this to protest the decision taken by the SPLM-IO leadership to relocate Nyirol to the IG. We therefore demand explanation.

Marum Ruon Wicjoat, is a concerned citizen and an activist can be reached at marumruon@gmail.com

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