Instead to continue to lead by deception and incitment of troubles, South Sudan leaders should call it quit!

President Kiir and his VP Kiir and Riek

By Eng. Chuar Juet Jock

As a leader, you cannot travel all you political path all the time with defeats and weakness. People are expecting a leader who achieves, who lead to victories, triumphs, landmark achievements, social and economic transformation. As a leader you are not traveling alone, you are traveling with your followers, your people or fans. They are with you in all your ups and downs, controversies and victories. Every morning they look up at you and with you, to inspire them, motivate them, to lead to new horizons and to forecast the dangers ahead, the hopes, prospects and the opportunities. As a leader, you look back on the situation of your country and people, if it is better or worse, 5, 10, 15…30 years back before you started your leadership and your tenure. Many countries took off with their leaders 15 years ago and in parallel yet absolutely different direction with South Sudan under its current leaders only that the achievements and the performance of the leaders of these countries, by real records and statistics, speaks volume. Countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Germany, Egypt and many other have triumphed and that’s because of their forefront leaders inclusive love for their people and countries without trends of marginalizing a tribe, section or a region. But look back on the situation of our people, it is absolutely miserable and a grave failure by all account where 60% of the population are either  forced into refuge, or as IDPs in UN PoCs, some are ultimately staying and dying in Diasporas, a good number who were well educated and trained in various fields and professions that a competent and patriotic leadership could have utilized effectively to induce a remarkable development and transformation in the country yet they are unwanted, discarded and not for any good reason but jealousy and fears of them taking over. So they are left and condemned to end as brain drain. Sad!

Internally, the 40% who are still struggling within South Sudan, Juba and the peripherals, they are mostly economically improvised below the poverty line set by the UN, they are insecure, living under the mercy of the rulers’ hitmen and unknown gunmen, children are severely malnourished, some haven’t seen schools for years particularly in the lawless peripherals of the country left to tribal warlords and egocentric lunatics and where the mostly illiterate populace are finishing themselves in clannish or tribal feuds staged by the so-called national leaders in Juba and through their local tiny heads. It is a true hell in those villages, people are sleep deprived, terrorized, traumatized, insecure. They don’t sleep because they don’t know when the rival tribe is moved, armed and told by the corrupt politicians remotely from the centers of evil in Juba and elsewhere and through their many local agents to hit hard on the other tribe, annihilate it and spare no child, women, aged and disabled elderly, a kind of bloody massacres. The only lucky living things nowadays in the lawless peripherals of South Sudan are rats, goats, cows or the livestock, those are the luckiest of all. To be a human in those our so-called leaders made hells, is a curse you only know it in the after death. Imagine 90 year elderly who have been living in their villages in peace throughout this nearly entire almost a century of their age, depending on nothing from the former rulers of Khartoum before the split or the current ones in Juba after the split, cultivating their farms, herding their livestock and enjoying their God given fresh air, are suddenly and abruptly slaughtered mercilessly by the same youth of the rival tribe who will proudly go to his 90 year grandma telling him how he loved her. What love? If you couldn’t examples it on your own neighbor? How come you love your children, women and mothers while slaughtering your neighbors’? What Peace you want to enjoy while denying it to others?

In South Sudan of the current leaders, we wake up and we are used to only bad news, death, political conspiracies, insecurity, tribal conflicts and leaders deception after deception. We wake up to South Sudan of everyday where the norms are coverups and public opinion are being misled, distracted, directed to made up events, deceit to covers the real evils of our corrupt leaders and suffering of South Sudanese people. We wake up on empty and  broken promises, frustrated hopes for lasting and inclusive peace when the very peace agreements are being violated and abrogated in daylight. We wake up everyday on the same miserable status quo. What is our collective aim as a nation? What is the leadership for, at least from the South Sudanese prospective? Even the whole world is completely tired and disappointed from our leaders. Well, whom these so-called leaders are leading? The egocentric enthusiasts of the clan and tribe or the misled cheering blind crowds who have nothing but the tribal slogans and selfish interests while the whole country is in flames and who will support their failed tribesmen and clansmen, irrespective of their zero development records and achievement. Irrespective of their evils, wrongs and incompetency?

Well, in a nutshell, It is clear that we have politically broke leaders with zero political credits and credibility and the only substance they are living on is continuous deception, inciting troubles and inventing lies after lies and soliciting emotional support through tribal hatred. They know they have to keep their followers blind and uneducated so they cannot see, hungry so they should stay dependent on them, insecure and terrorized so they don’t start a revolution, confused so they don’t know where are their heads from their toes. If you are politically broke with zero credit to further lead and your people or followers situation are 10 times worse than when you found them, please quit to lead instead of inventing the wheels on deception and lies. Save the little left maybe your children will rely on it in future.
Eng. Chuar Juet Jock


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