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Here is how to order the "In a Nutshell" Book Series, The collection analysis on South Sudan Political Issues, economic, social and cultural underpinings that are hindering the nascent nation peace, stability and progress. Click on the link below

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About the "In a Nutshell”

The "In a Nutshell" Book Series are collection of opinion articles that I occasionally write and post on my Facebook timeline where I provide brief analysis and explanation on the underpinnings of the events occurring on timely basis and which are mostly related to the conflict that erupted in 2013 and continued to haunt the nascent nation of South Sudan until this hour. I also do try to identify the key players behind those events, giving my predictions on their next moves and the triggered impact on peace and stability in the country. I grew up in the then united Sudan before the split and in family that was close and an effective part of the political theater and the events that have been shaping Sudan and South Sudan politics to date. This has helped me to meet many key leaders in Sudan/South Sudanese politics and their subsequent roles.

Eng. Chuar Juet Jock

Eng. Chuar Juet Jock Author of "In a Nutshell" Book Series, A Collective of Opinion Articles that analyze the underpinnings of South Sudan Conflict, African and World Political Affairs. They are available at and other International Bookstores.

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