Give thanks to America and the world for their help in South Sudan

By Beek Mabior, Nairobi, Kenya

Monday October 19, 2020 (SS24News)

The world and America has play a significant and undeniable role socially, militarily, politically and economically in the history of South Sudan. The attainment of our independence, comprehensive peace agreement and political emancipation from Khartoum’s marginalization, oppression, injustice, inequality, subjugation and servitude was due to the massive assistance and solidarity from the United States of America and the rest of the globe who strongly stood with us during our tough times in our past darkest history.

The world and America during our past brutal civil wars with the Khartoum’s oppressive regimes in which millions of our citizenry were politically, economically, developmentally and systematically oppressed, killed and marginalized; they stood with us and gave us their unwavering support. The U.S, U.K, Norway, Russia, Israel, Australia, Canada, Cuba, Germany, India, Sweden, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and many other countries across the planet have aided us greatly during our times of civil wars.

Furthermore, the U.S was among the first countries globally who expressed their total dissatisfaction and unhappiness against the Khartoum’s dictatorial successive regimes and the way in which they Southerners and other marginalized groups across Sudan were treated by the past Khartoum’s regimes. The U.S, U.K, Norway and some sisterly African states were totally unhappy with the oppression, killing and marginalization in which we were subjected to by the Khartoum’s regimes.

And the U.S was among the first nations worldwide who condemned and described what was going on in Sudan by then as a deep-seated oppression and crime against humanity. They strongly condemned and called on Khartoum to end the war, mistreatment and make peace in Sudan. Additionally, The U.S likewise put pressure and sanctions on Khartoum’s regime to sign Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the SPLM/SPLA movement in order to end the bloodshed and Khartoum’s government later on accepted and signed Comprehensive Peace Agreement which ended Africa’s longest running deadly civil war on record.

Moreover, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which was signed in 2005 and ended the North-South civil conflict and brought the referendum on South Sudan’s self-determination was highly supported by the U.S. The America was among the first states to recognized the Republic of South Sudan when the independence was declared on July 9, 2011. In addition to that, the U.S has been supporting peace processes of the South Sudanese civil war which started on 15, December 2013. Additionally, The U.S is the leading international donor to the Republic of South Sudan.

The U.S always help in providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance such as foodstuff, medicines and etc. The U.S also assist in providing other crucial services such as health and education’s aid to millions of our people who’re either refugees or internally displaced persons within the country. Furthermore, the U.S has spent $billions to support the humanitarian response in our country.

They also support civil society and free media to ensure freedom of speech and diverse voices in South Sudan. Moreover, the U.S too support activities in conflict mitigation and reconciliation in order to help in the accomplishment of the lasting peace and political stability in South Sudan.

Additionally, other countries across the planet are also helping South Sudan socially, politically and economically. Those nations are assisting South Sudan to achieve lasting peace and political stability. Many countries from West, Asia, Middle East and Africa are working tirelessly to help South Sudan accomplish sustainable development and to be a prosperous state with lasting peace, sound governance and democracy.

It is undisputable veracity that many nations from West, Asia, Middle East and Africa have massive knowledge and skills in nation-building and they need South Sudan which’s the world newest country to learn and benefit from their experiences and build a non-violent and prosperous state.

They foreign countries and their wonderful embassies in our country have always supported our government and developmental activities across South Sudan. they want us to build a better economic, democracy, rule of laws, equality, justice and prosperity for all they South Sudanese people. They strongly desire to see a beautiful, develop and prosperous South Sudan with everlasting peace, equality and political stability.

They’re completely unhappy with our non-stop senseless hostilities and animosities because they think that meaningless bloodshed, disunity, tribalism, corruption, discrimination, hatred and inequality in South Sudan will not assist South Sudanese people to establish themselves and their country.

Our foreign allies and their wise ambassadors and international humanitarian workers in South Sudan want peaceful and prosperous South Sudan. And this is clearly demonstrated in their tireless contribution to our peace processes that’re always done to achieve lasting peace and stability in South Sudan. they often support us diplomatically, politically and economically.

Reputable countries have been funding humanitarian efforts across the country to help vulnerable population that’re deeply affected by the endless civil wars, chronic hunger, famine, diseases, floods and internal displacement. They’re funding many humanitarian organizations to feed our refugees in neighboring countries and they internally displaced persons within the country.

Many reputable countries such as Japan, Sweden, Norway, Germany, U.K, U.S, Canada, Australia, Israel, China, India and many others have assisted South Sudan in many ways and they’ve spent Billions of dollars on South Sudan. they want us to be stable and develop in all fields of national development.

Furthermore, our beloved sisterly African countries have also undoubtedly stood with us for many years and they’ve assisted us socially, politically and economically. Nations like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Egypt, Rwanda and many other states have helped a lot and they always play a crucial role in our peace processes that’re always mediated by IGAD.

They believe that Africans’ problems should be solve using Africans’ solutions on the Africans’ soil and it’s one of the best ideas ever created by Africans. It’s actually the genesis of the decolonization of the minds in Africa.

Moreover, bordering nations have been very kind and generous to us and this is clearly manifested by their willingness to host millions of our refugees who’re in their nations seeking refuge and safety. They’ve demonstrated to us Africans’ spirit of brotherhood and oneness. They’ve been very supportive diplomatically and politically when it comes to peace negotiation for South Sudan.

Additionally, our sisterly Sudan have recently changed politically, diplomatically and have been playing a vital role in our peace process thanks to the new political chemistry between South Sudan and Sudan. I salute President Salva Kiir and Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok plus Bashir for that.
The role of Sudan is commendable and we don’t need to be adversaries forever because of our past history.

We need to build excellent political chemistry, end proxy wars and animosities with the Khartoum. The border demarcation and contested territories need to be settle amicably and diplomatically with the Sudan. we need to put our past bitter history behind us and build remarkable relationship politically, socially and economically.

Lastly, our esteemed international allies and sisterly African countries want us to accomplish democracy, development, lasting peace, political stability, national unity and economic prosperity in South Sudan. they’ve always been supportive to us socially, academically, politically, militarily and economically so that we can achieve success in all fields of national development. We need to hugely appreciate them for everything they’ve done for our country and maintain best diplomatic and bilateral relations with them.

Their kindness and generosity should not be taken for granted. We need to demonstrate to them practically our gratitude and the excellent way we can do that is to achieve lasting peace, political stability, democracy, rule of laws, equality, and justice for all they South Sudanese people.

We need to end our fruitless political and communal conflicts and eradicate cancer of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, sexism, classism, segregation and allow reforms in South Sudan. Our respectable international allies and brotherly African states are massively rich with knowledge, experiences and skills of nation-building than us and we can learn and profit from their wise advices if we can pay serious attention to what they’re telling us in South Sudan. they need us to build peaceful and prosperous South Sudan. The help of America and the world in South Sudan is praiseworthy.

The author is the National Project Coordinator of South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) and can be reached via his Email: Web:

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