Gajaak community leaders in Juba (UNMISS) refuted joining OChan Puot and distance themselves from recent defection.

SS24 News 22- April 2020

Juba- Greater Gajaak Community leaders residing in Juba (UNMISS camp) held what they termed to be a “fruitful meeting” regarding the recent political development in the country, in their meeting, they have refuted the accusation brought against them by some community members of having joined the leader of Provisional Military And Political Council (PMPC) led by Major General Ochan Puot who switched allegiance to Salva Kiir last in September last year.

In Separate development, they have condemned the recent defection of Dak Duop Bichiok to the SPLM party led by Salva Kiir.

He unilaterally declared his defection and Gajaak community in UNMISS are not part of his recent move.


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