Four people died of hunger in upper Nile state Cantonment site.

News, May 7, 2020

Malakal- four people were reported to have died of hunger in upper Nile state three days. 3 of the deceased from Bahr Algazal region and one from Maban county of upper Nile

Lele,. West of Malakal is one of the areas designated for training of unified forces in upper Nile state

All the sites have been reporting death cases that resulted from the lack of food, Medicines and clean drinking water. Many soldiers have desserted the training sites because of harsh living conditions in the training camps

After the agreement was signed in 2018, security arrangement was among the top provisions that supposed to be implemented before the formation of the unity government. The National pre- transitional committee was set up to mobilise resources for the training of the necessary unified army. The fund that was promised by the government to purchase the needs of the forces in various training g camps accros the country have not been fully paid, president Kiir’s government paid the half of hundred million dollars but thr money was not enough to improve the conditions of the soldiers

The Cantonment sites were stipulated in the revitalized agreement to bring together the rival forces to be trained as national army in character.


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