Eng. Chuar Juet Jock : South Sudan and the Curse of Thieves in Liberators’ Clothes

Eng. Chuar Juet Jock Author of the "In a Nutshell" Book Series

By Eng. Chuar Juet Jock

The curse of “Thieves in Liberators‘ clothes” still holding South Sudan by the horns. Given the performance of those who have called themselves the “patriots” ever since the SPLM/A was created in the 1980s and classified every dissident to the domination and hegemonies of the few within the movement as “Traitor or Nyagat”. Now, from 2005 to present, 15 years of their absolute rule, the so-called patriots are in their best show ever with definitive results in thuggery and theft and the records are long but in a nutshell, here are just few in the ugly long list: The “Thieves in Liberators’ clothes plunged the country into a tribal war that is worse in its heinous crimes and atrocities than Sudan, North vs South’s War and with more than half a million deaths and still counting. They have pitted the South Sudanese people against each through tribal hatred and who are now deeply divided than ever, displaced in millions and suffering than ever. True leaders should consistently strive to build one nation from their diverse tribes and sections and work tirelessly for the betterment of their people living standards, further and protect their freedoms, rights and civil liberties and not the other way around.

While the tribal war rages for the last seven years, the so-called patriots were so busy laundering the public coffers of the war-torn nation through loans, military contracts and fake companies and hence have stolen so far the country wealth in billions and without a slightest shame, they are keeping or investing them in foreign countries rather than the land they were claiming liberating. Our people will be surprised one day when the real debts we owed to the debtors is unveiled and of course, the burden of payment in the future is placed on the next generations and the country. Well, that must be a new trend of patriotism.

The so-called patriots, have left the people they have claimed to be liberating unattended for since they secured the keys of power and wealth of the new nation in 2005. They have left their long suffered people as cheap subjects to hunger, diseases, exploitation in refuge lands, poverty and insecurity at home, things that are supposed to be the priority functions of any government to its people and if it wasn’t for the UN and NGOs the hard liberated land could be a one for vultures only by now. Well, the worse of it all is that the so-called patriots have turned to be the very terrorists to their own people. People’s rights, freedoms and liberties are no more, press and opposition are shutdown through security operatives, hired hitmen and the whole country is silenced and terrorized through the unknown gunmen. Well, going back to the days of liberation, that was completely contrary to the promises and slogans the SPLM/A have waged the liberation war under. During their 15 years of absolute rule, there is no single corruption aspect they haven’t visited and the country is now ranked the second most corrupt in the whole world’s corruption index and its capital as the “Sin city”. Imagine to earn such a title in only 15 years. Now tell me isn’t this the worse treachery or Nyagati ever?

Accordingly, don’t these crimes against the people of South Sudan clearly unmask the real faces of the thieves in liberators’ clothes and stripes them from their self proclaimed patriotism and of any leadership title and role? Don’t these crimes vindicate those who were wrongly, politically and maliciously labeled as traitors , imprisoned, murdered throughout the bloody history of the SPLM/A just because they have objected and resisted such policies and hegemonies? Throughout the troubled history of the SPLM/A, the thieves in liberators’ clothes have learned to win and survive on lies, deception and smear propaganda and the South Sudanese people are being taught to follow suit. This is why we are in the center of nowhere, the limbo and the void instead of being the joyous and the free liberated people if our so-called liberators were truly real. Unfortunately, what we have got here are “thieves in liberators’ clothes”. Sadly!


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