Eng. Chuar Juet Jock: From One Nation to Fighting Tribes…How the SPLM Failed South Sudan

South Sudan Conflict

By Eng. Chuar Juet Jock

The SPLM has failed to execute the second phase of the liberation process and we are living the outcomes of its grave failure. How is that?

I wrote this article two years ago and it is addressing the grave failure of the SPLM, the movement that led the liberation struggle and then turned the ruling party into a tool for tribal divisions and self-enrichment after the independence of South Sudan in 2011


Eng. Chuar Juet Jock
Author of “In a Nutshell” Book Series

At any given course of history, a real revolutionary movement has two major objectives, to liberate and transform the people and the land that it said to be fighting for. To liberate the people and the land from the domination and the marginalization of the colonization forces, this liberation process could be through armed struggle or through mobilization for a popular uprising. That’s phase one. Comes the second phase when the first phase is accomplished successfully and which could be termed as the second liberation and the start of the transformation of the people and the land, a state-nation building process. This is the liberation of the minds and transformation of the lives of the impoverished and long-dominated people as well as building the solid and accurate foundation of the country. from infrastructures, independent institutions, systems of governance…etc.

Well, in the case of South Sudan and with the SPLM/A as the leading liberation movement. One would wonders where did the SPLM/A as a revolutionary and a liberation movement went wrong and awry from its liberation and transformation mission and particularly from the period between 2005 to 2018 or could we trace the current political chaos and failure of the SPLM/A in the phase two back to that period between 2005 or 2011? When guns were silenced and peaceful transformation of the nation-state was expected. To summed it up, one can say that the SPLM/A after it won the liberation war and referendum for the independence, it failed to right start the second liberation and transformation process which has began officially in 2011 after independence.

Wrong from start, the SPLM/A was made a failure by its own leaders but above all we can attribute this failure to the abrupt and mysterious death of Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the man who know what the SPLM/A was really for and what it was going to do in its entire course of struggle. But his invisible enemies, locally, regionally and internationally decided to cut his life short in order to cut his plans short and prevent them from materializing. Unfortunately, they succeeded. Garang was having a great and ambitious plans and dreams for the region of East Africa if not Africa and with a resource-rich and blessed country like South Sudan in his hands, the world knows very well that Dr. Garang is coming to do great wonders and that in a matter of just 10 years, South Sudan, will be the undisputed leader in the region of East Africa if not the whole Africa, economically and politically.

Sadly enough, after his death, the liberation movement, the SPLM/A became a body without a head, where greedy so-called leaders toke the stage, playing only with skulls and skeletons of their dead people and engaged intensively in transforming the SPLM/A this time and around into a tool of self enrichment, corruption of all types, tribal empowerment and marginalization and hence, things started to fall apart and becomes increasingly evidenced that this unexpected change in leadership has affected the SPLM/A and that it is in serious internal dilemma that is going to have a very serious future consequences. It happened and still happening and the rest is history.
Undoubtedly, from 2005 to 2018, 13 years since the CPA were relatively enough for South Sudan to have in place a 24hrs/7days running electricity, clean waters, adequate healthcare and education systems, paved roads, efficient and functioning communications system, solid infrastructures and of course the country would be sufficient in food production industry given the plenty of resources it have and the technological tools the world have acquired today. Undoubtedly, the good part of the world was on our side given our people long struggle for freedom and independence and the huge sacrifices of nearly 3 million souls they bravely gave as a cost of the liberation. This part of the world was ready to donate huge funds for developmental projects, invest in different industries sectors and assist with the technology and the know-how. However, this was going to happen if and if only did we had a competent movement and leadership in place. We just needed a transformation movement with a competent leadership and leaders equipped with constructive substance. Unfortunately, this was far from being the case.

The SPLM/A under Kiir Mayar’s leadership, while clinging with an iron fist to power and control, standing on the doors of transformation and the future, preventing others to come in to do the right thing and in the same time they are not doing a thing but destruction and neither they want to leave, is putting the country into a gloomy path and bloody road. Well, if the SPLM/A has to come back from its lost and be a transformation and liberation movement again, it must trace back where things went wrong at the first place for it to regain its liberation and nationalism soul. Otherwise if it is convinced that it is behind repair and too deformed to be reformed, could it pave a way for transition of power to other who have the desire, the will and the national spirit to make South Sudan a great country. We can’t stay in the limbo forever and for us to just watch the Kiireen and the Tabaneen destroy our people and our country in our very watch.

Eng. Chuar Juet Jock

Author of the “In a Nutshell” Book series, a collective of writings about the South Sudan conflict and its underpinnings. They are available at Amazon.com and other international Bookstores


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