Division of labor is vital for South Sudan’s National economy development

By: Beek Mabior, Juba, South Sudan

Saturday Feb 27, 2021 (SS24NEWS)

In every country on earth; there is division of labor and people are doing all kind of jobs for survival. Division of labor is significant and it is a necessity for the growth of national economy and national development in every country worldwide. Economic development in a country doesn’t segregate when it comes to all the manmade economic activities that fuel its growth.

Economic development needs all sort of jobs for it to grow and benefit the people in a country. Moreover, National economy can’t grow when people don’t want to do all types of jobs. Economic development is like a building under construction where everybody in the construction site play their part in the construction.

In the construction site, it is not the chief engineer or architect that complete the building under construction solely.
There’re many other people that contribute in the construction of the building. There’re “construction helpers” and masons that assist other engineers and architects in the construction work of the building.

It isn’t engineers and architects that does the task of construction only without the contribution of others. Furthermore, whenever you see a finished building; just know that it was different hands that complete it and not a single hand. Additionally, the above example is what South Sudan’s national economy desires.

Our country national economy can’t grow sufficiently when many compatriots don’t want to do different kind of economic activities such as agriculture, entrepreneurship and many other professions in South Sudan.

I’m not an expert in the field of economic but our country’s economists and professors of economic and statistics can find it reasonable to agree with my argument and suggestion. My field is chemical engineering and there’s half economic in it and it doesn’t only deal with the manufacturing of chemicals, nuclear arsenals, medicines, beverages and food processing etc.

Economic, environmental protection, petroleum refining and energy are part and parcel of chemical engineering and chemical engineers are also known as universal engineers because of the wideness of their engineering discipline. In addition, South Sudan need all her citizenry to do all the economic activities that’ll assist them live a quality lives and there’s no shame in doing any kind of job for survival so long as you’re not robbing or killing someone in order to get something for survival.

Additionally, there’s that cultural belief amongst some South Sudanese people that I’m a son or daughter of so and so in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Barh el Ghazal regions and there’s that deep and silent fear of shame when doing any job that’s not consider respectable and worthy in one’s village and culture.

That outdated cultural belief is the root cause of deep hunger and abject poverty in South Sudan. That mentality need rectification if we sincerely need to eradicate chronic starvation and extreme poverty in our country.

Hunger doesn’t know whether I’m a son of whom in my village and culture. The same way is how hunger treat everybody on earth. If anyone doesn’t work to survive, then he/she is a best candidate of deep hunger and he/she should face the repercussions of starvation.

Hunger is painful but it forces people to wake up in the morning and go to search for any economic undertaking in life in order to survive. Biblically, it is well stated clearly that those who don’t work shouldn’t eat and I agree with the holy book’s wise statements entirely. It is not the SPLM’s government who should provide free meals to the citizenry in South Sudan, it is the citizens who should work hard for their own food’s needs.

The task of the government is to ensure that there’s peace and maximum security across the country. The government should also adequately provide basic amenities across the nation because it is their obligation to do so constitutionally in South Sudan. Moreover, South Sudanese citizens must know that imported food items and other goods from neighboring countries will never sufficiently cater for our food security in South Sudan.

The foods of agricultural tools of Uganda and Kenya will never solve our economic meltdown and food insecurity. We need South Sudan’s agricultural tools for agricultural development across the country. Additionally, offices can’t employ us all in South Sudan.

political positions of leadership can’t adequately accommodate us also. We need to diversify our jobs in South Sudan. Others can become leaders, environmentalists, engineers, doctors, journalists, bankers, soldiers, teachers, policemen, civil servants, business people, farmers, cattle keepers, cleaners, drivers, chefs etc.

Our country need people of all professions for our economy to develop fully and she can accommodate them all. Our lovely South Sudan is generous and kind to all of us. Furthermore, some years back, I was once a construction worker, IT designer and later on I became a driver for some years and I didn’t complain or refuse to work.

I know hunger doesn’t know my family background or dad & mum’s position in my home state of Jonglei in Upper Nile Region. It is more shameful to die of starvation than to die of a bullet in life. Bullet can kill accidentally sometimes in life and not always intentionally.

But deep hunger sends you a warning first; that things are about to fall apart in your world economically. Hunger gives notification first before its kill but bullet doesn’t do that. Also, our dearest citizenry must know that there’s no country on earth where all people are leaders or subjects. Others can be leaders while other can be subjects and there is no shame, inferiority and superiority with that.

It is just an order of nature. Even in heaven, not everybody is a leader and I’m sure if you ask our almighty God in sincere prayer; he’ll tell you similar thing. I’m not a magician or God’s messenger and I’m not discouraging anyone but I know.

Even in U.S, Russia, China, Sweden and India; not everybody is a leader. And for instance, I’m not a leader in any higher position but I’m happy for our country’s men and women who’re leaders in South Sudan. I’ve no jealousy towards their positions.

Finally, Leadership is excellent and vital for mankind globally but it is not everything in life. My dream and goal is to build industries and businesses that’ll support South Sudan’s national economy development and accelerate employability and sustainable development in the years ahead.

Every living South Sudanese must do whatever they can with what they’ve in order to survive in South Sudan and avoid probability of shameful death from hunger. That mentality of looking for white collar jobs solely is not a nice remedy for deep hunger and unemployment in the country.

South Sudan is rich in natural resources and even if you tour her forests and rivers; you’ll find something that’ll assist you to eat and drink a glass of water and that was perfectly said by South Sudan’s artist, Johnson Jok.

So let each and every living South Sudanese hear that across the country and beyond. It’s unproductive to channel energies and faculties in senseless conflicts. And we South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) doesn’t only champion for environmental protection but also for economic development in South Sudan.

The author is the National Project Coordinator of South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) and can be reach by his email: beekmabior2020ssea@gmail.com Web: www.sseasouthsudan.org


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