Directors of National petroleum & Gas corporation sworn in

News updates; Friday Oct 23, 2020 (SS24News)

H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit toady in his Office, has Presided over the swearing in ceremony of the newly Reconstituted and Appointed Board of Directors of National Petroleum and Gas Corporation (Nilepet)

The Members of the Board of Directors that took oath this morning are;
Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, Chairperson
Hon. Josephine Napwon Cosmas, Deputy Chairperson
Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel, Secretary
Amb. Mayen Dut Wol, Member
Dr. Khalid Marol Riak, Member
Molana Juan Alice Joshua, member
Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel, Member
Mr. Chuol Pal Gai Laam, Member

The swearing in ceremony officiated by H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit was administered by Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut in the office of the President.

Speaking shortly after the Swearing in ceremony, President Salva Kiir urged the newly appointed Board of Directors of Nilepet to be courageous and work collectively as a team to reform the National Petroleum and Gas Company (Nilepet) in order to take full control of the Country’s oil sector in the years to come.

Speaking on behalf of the Members of the Board of Directors of Nilepet, the Chairperson, Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial said that, the Board is now ready as a policy making body to discharge its duties diligently to make Nilepet active across the Petroleum value chain in the upstream, midstream and downstream on behalf of the State.

In addition, Hon. Nhial Deng made assurance that in a few years to come, NILEPET will take full responsibility of the Country’s oil sector operation like other National oil and Gas Corporations in Foreign Oil Producing Countries.

H.E. President Salva Kiir Reconstituted and Appointed new members of the boards of NILEPET on 17th September 2020 as a policy making and Governing body of Public Corporation (Nilepet)


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