Dance that spits fire

Ms. Nyakueth B Pal

Ms. Nyakueth B Pal

Poem by Nyakueth Buom Pal – Juba South Sudan

Tuesday Nov 11, 2020 (SS24News)

Her heart swirl and the wind shakes her fate
Facing the same log we cut
To make boats which don’t sale fast nor far
Dance doughter of the land
Dance and the Nile will witness your grace.

Dance doughter of kush,dance my jewel of the Nile
Let your feet breath peace and your atire reflect love
Make the dust restless as it acknowledge your existance.

Dance my lady worrior, dance doughter of Jikàny
Shake your gar and rumble your dhuor
Ullulate and woke up your ancestor’s spirit
For a better dicision that unites

Dance the lioness of Africa, stumble your feet the Universe Bear.
Command thunder to your favour and the lightning will obey. Truly, the universe listen to you.
Raise the dust and he who doubts will bow!

Dance doughter of denay, dance the pride of Gea
Make your land ashame for breaking you into pieces
Dance with vigor and anger
Burn all that hurts with the fire of your sweat
As you make them pay debt of ignorant.

Nyakueth Buom Pal is an entrepreneur activist and poetress.

She can be reached via email;

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