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The National Revenue Authority (NRA) has revealed that as of 15 March 2023, it had already collected SSP 124 billion from non-oil revenues eight months into the 2022/2023 fiscal year, surpassing the target set by the government.

Last year, the finance ministry set a target of SSP 117 billion to be collected from the non-oil revenues this financial year.

Addressing NRA staff at the start of a four-day performance review workshop on the 2022-27 NRA strategic plans, Dr. Patrick Mogoya, the commissioner general of NRA, said that beating the set cap was good news.

“The good news is that by around 15 march, we have collected SSP 124 Billion. You all know that the government had requested or tasked us to collect 117.2 billion for the 12 months,” he said. “We have already surpassed the target given to us by the government, we’ve not yet attained the target we set in the strategic plan.”

According to Mogoya, last financial year the NRA collected about SSP 95 billion.

He urged his staff to maintain momentum and collect at least SSP 150 billion per year, noting that this can be done by collecting at least 17 billion monthly.

“In October 2022, that was when we had a record performance and collected over 17 billion, in December we collected 12.5 billion, in January, 15.5 billion,” he revealed.

The NRA boss also cautioned his staff against using public resources for personal gain.

“Public resources and not personal resources. So, we need to be accountable for public resources,” he counseled. “Some of you came to me with a request saying please help, I need 20,000 US dollars to go for treatment. When I am surprised, the person requesting is also surprised, saying maybe this guy does not know our culture.”

According to Mugoya, most of the requests for money for medical treatment do not have supporting documents.

“I remember at the beginning, someone came to me and he was supposed to pay dowry,” he said. “How can NRA help in paying dowry?”

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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