23 people confirmed to have died in Bor attack, one pastor was mong the dead

Compiled by By Deng Kooch Diing

Wednesday July 29, 2020( SS24NEWS)

Local sources on the ground said three more bodies have been discovered after a Monday attack on Makol Cuei town of Bor County left at least 18 people dead, 11 wounded and 3 children missing as attackers from neighboring Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) pierced in to the town and start shooting randomly at civilians inhabiting the town.

The overall death toll in the attack surpasses 18 to 23 as 3 more bodies were discovered on Tuesday as the search for survivors continues.

The Police Commissioner for Jonglei State Maj-Gen Joseph Mayen Akoon said, beside the dead, wounded and children abducted, there were destruction involving burning, lootings and vandalization reported on the ground.
The attackers after the intervention of Police retreated to the desert toward Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

The Police Commissioner said there was massive displacement and the civil population fled for safety to Bor, the Capital of Jonglei State.
“I doubt if there were cattle raided because most of cattle herders have crossed to Equatoria as continuous raiding intensified”, he said.
Among the dead on Monday evening, 17 people died on the spot according to local eyewitnesses, but one person died at Bor State Hospital bringing the early death toll reported to 18.

Among the dead was a high profile Pastor in the Episcopal Church hierarchy as the Episcopal Church belonging to Athooc Diocese was attacked in Makol Cuei.

The join force comprising of wild life, Police and fire- Brigade is currently in control of the area after intervention that allowed the attacker’s to retreat.

The wounded are currently undertaking treatment at main hospital in Bor and the police is still pursuing the whereabouts of the 3 children abducted.
Gen Mayen said that “It is widely presumed that those children missing are believes to be abducted by the attackers from neighboring Pibor” Children abduction, cattle raiding and murder is a common practice among the communities involved in Jonglei ethnic violence.

Despite call by the government to stop the violence, rival communities are still attacking and counter-attacking themselves disregarding the current peace effort orchestrated by the vice president Dr. James Wani Igga.

The Spokesperson of the High-level committee had said earlier on that he believe the warring youth on the ground would listen to them when they tour the Greater Pibor administrative area in a second leg of
peace effort after ending consultation with Greater Bor Communities on
July 23.


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